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A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning
Campus English School focuses on communication skills in English. Intensive Course is ideal for students at every level of English fluency.
The curriculum combines grammar study, vocabulary, pronunciation, writing and conversation. Classes are given twice a week for three academic hours each
Materials to use
The New English File 3rd Edition
(available @ https://disk.yandex.ru/client/disk)

login: hello@campus54.com
password: inspirit

Your own materials are also welcome
2 months long

48 hours

16 lessons

4 months long

96 hours

32 lessons

5 months long

96 hours

32 lessons

+ 24 hours of practice weeks

5 months long

120 hours

40 lessons

+ 24 hours of practice weeks

Progress Report (PR)
PR is a very important document that must be filled out after each lesson. PR allows us to carefully track everything that is happening in each group.
Who works with PR
Managers and administrators - track the amount of students in groups, check the attendance and the results of the students in order to contact them and stay in touch with them on weekly basis, solve possible issues.

Teachers - fill out the attendance, check the students progress, plan out lessons, fill in test results and give feedback to the students. Thus they have full information about each student in order to decide whether they can be transferred onto the next level.

Head Teacher - checks lesson planning and utilization of each teacher, checks the progress of the students in each group to make sure they can get their certificates at the end of each level, solves possible issues

Directors - work with overall statistics concerning each group.

It means it is vital to fill out the PR after each lesson because all of the departments must have updated information to work with daily.

Teachers ought to communicate with managers concerning any possible issues in each group such as

  • a student is absent more than 2 lessons in a row
  • the number of students in the group is wrong
  • a student is not on the list of the group
  • there isn't enough room for everybody and others

Below you will find
Progress Report Structure
Click on the "plus" sign to read more info about each section
Follow this link to read the whole document (Progress Report Guidelines)
Lesson Planning
It is very important to plan something to stay organized.

Before you start your new group make sure you plan out when you are going to cover each lesson. Use corresponding fields in the Progress Report for planning ahead the whole course and input the actual lesson number you've covered on a specific day

First, it helps trace your pace to make sure you cover all the lessons eventually
Second, in case you need a substitute we will know where you are with your group

Use of Russian in class
You may be tempted, but restrain yourself as much as possible. Let the students immerse into English

Beginner 70-50%
Elementary 50-30%
Pre-Intermediate 30-0%
Intermediate occasional
Intermediate + occasional
Upper-Intermediate English only
Advanced English only

How to understand levels
We use standard CEFR levels with a little twist

B1 + B2 + C1 = SENIOR
We have quite a lot of books available in the cloud and on the Teacher's Computer in the school. Besides we have real text books in the school premises

login: hello@campus54.com
password: inspirit
it is necessary to collect
Student Cards
Collect Student cards at the start of the lesson and take it to the administrator no later than 20 minutes after the beginning of the class
Our approach
  • Play
    Enjoy the process
  • Purpose
    Share the idea
  • Result
    Useful outcome
Basic principles

Confident interaction with the students
Use what matters to the student
Communication skills development
State the result (practicality)
Versatile approach to addressing the subject
Create dynamics

Moving around the class/standing activity
Change of activity every 15 mins (3 activities per lesson minimum)


Peer-to-peer interaction and peer-to-peer education
Group assignments
Role play

How to conduct a lesson.
First of all, you can click the tab called "Teaching tips" at the top of the page for more interesting information and clues.

Must have lesson stages:

*Introduce yourself
*Ice-Breaker - create a relaxed atmosphere, let the students get acquainted with each other
*Personal Story related to the topic (you can start with a story that happened to you as an ice-breaker. Listen to the students, hear their reaction, use it further on during the lesson)
*State the topic of the lesson and set goals (write it on the board)
*Introduce your material in an interesting non-trivial way (make a "boring grammar" interesting through the means of a good lead in).

Make the students move, don't turn your class into a lecture.

*Change activities every now and then
*Make students speak as much as possible
*Group-work is welcomed (micro projects, mini presentations, etc.)

Summary at the end of the lesson:

*State what you have covered and learned
*Ask for students feedback

Classes Description
Make sure you know what you are teaching

We want you to feel free and comfortable. There's no strict dress-code. Casual is the right word to describe it. Just look clean, tidy, stylish, individual and awesome
Our contacts
Feel free to write, call and talk to us. We really love to communicate.

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Sasha Stepanov,
Head Teacher
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Product and Marketing
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Finance and Sales
Lesson plans